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(annyi időm nincs, hogy mindent két nyelven írjak meg, ez az angol nyelvű blogon jelent meg)


In fact, I didn’t wanted to make it. I just wanted to buy a tool for disassemble a very expensive lens (a Canon 85mm F1.2).
Unfortunately, the tool was not available in short time. Here is the link to the original (32 USD – but in the USA…):


But I need the tool now. Ok, what are the keywords? Suction and vacuum. Let google for it.


After some research, I have found a pneumatics distributor in my city, who has some suction cups (for packaging industry etc.).

I have gone to the shop, and they offered me this one, for 10 USD:—flat-concave-20-150-mm/0104803/


Good. The material is perfect, as you can see: “DURAFLEX® suction cups manufactured in a specially developed material that features the elasticity of rubber and wear resistance of polyurethane. The material does not leave any marks on the objects handled.”

But I needed a vacuum-source too, a kind of handle for it. Well, I work in the automotive industry, and we hade on the shelf a damaged fuel hand-pump. Unused, but the valve has been damaged.

Exactly like this one, for ca. 4 USD:


Well, I just pushed the suction cup on the and – and was perfect, excepting the fact,that the aluminum tube was protruding into the inside of the cup.
Ok, I just had to cut it.


I have a good old Russian lathe. So in approx. 1 hour I made the suction tube from a piece of 20mm diameter aluminum bar like this pictures:

WP_20160219_19_41_49_Pro  WP_20160219_19_41_10_Pro

WP_20160219_19_42_07_Pro  WP_20160219_19_44_04_Pro



And works perfect.

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